Ferrari Warranties

Every new Ferrari comes with a three-year, unlimited mile manufacturers warranty that covers virtually every aspect and component of the vehicle.


However, our Ferrari Warranty Extension and New Power extended warranty were created to meet the needs of owners who want a warranty for their vehicle that extends beyond the three-year manufacturers warranty up to 12 years. All repairs and maintenance must be performed by a factory authorized Ferrari dealer to ensure 100% compliance with factory warranty requirements.







The first important step towards taking even greater care of your Ferrari. Ferrari offers you the chance to extend the warranty period by a further 12 to 24 months once the manufacturers warranty expires.

The 4th year extended warranty or 4th + 5th extended warranty may be purchased at the time of vehicle purchase and/or up to 30 days before the expiry date of the manufacturers warranty. The 4th year extended warranty and 4th + 5th extended warranty offer the same advantages and coverage as the manufacturers warranty.



New Power is the Ferrari extended warranty formula specifically for vehicles that have exceeded the coverage period of the original manufacturers warranty. The New Power extended warranty covers the following components:

* Engine
* Transmission
* Suspension
* Steering
* Electrical System

As well, the New Power formula offers numerous advantages:


* The possibility of extending warranty coverage for your car up to its 12th year of life
* Replacement of spare parts and repair work covered by New Power formula
* All work is carried out within the Authorized Ferrari Service Network by highly specialized technicians trained by Ferrari itself
* Improved residual value of the vehicle over time
* Coverage will continue to be valid even after sale of the vehicle to a new owner, provided that the vehicle itself meets the quality requisites specified by Ferrari
* The roadside recover service (in countries where available) will be close at hand whenever you need it.

Maserati Warranties

Every new Maserati comes with a transferrable four-year, 50,000 mile limited manufacturers warranty. However, our Maserati Certified Pre-Owned warranty was created to meet the needs of owners who want a warranty for their vehicle that extends beyond the four-year manufacturers warranty. Both 12- and 24-month warranties are offered, each with no mileage restrictions.