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For over 30 years, people from all over the Southeast have trusted our Service Team with their Ferraris and Maseratis. Its a privilege we take very seriously and we promise to do everything we can to continue to earn that trust every single day.

Ferrari of Atlanta: Awarded 2015 Ferrari Classiche Certification Centre. 

Its better to be good. And Luckie.

The entire Ferrari of Atlanta family would like to congratulate our Service Manager, Matt Luckie, for being named the best Service Manager of The Americas for Ferrari. It's truly a well-deserved honor.
Matt Luckie | Service Manager

Remember that beautiful Ferrari Testarossa from the television show Miami Vice? Matt sure does. In fact, that's where he first fell in love with Ferrari. Fortunately, Matt found an outlet for his passion and calls Ferrari of Atlanta home today. A people-person by nature, Matt is quick with a smile and wants nothing more than to ensure his clients receive the best-in-class service that has made Ferrari of Atlanta the first choice for service and maintenance for Ferrari owners who demand the ultimate in customer service, quality work and Ferrari knowledge.

- Awarded 2015 Service Manager of the Year for Ferrari of The Americas.



Ferrari Technicians

When it comes to our Service Team, good enough simply will not do. We employ only the top Ferrari Technicians with the finest pedigrees. Factory training. ASE Master Certifications. Ferrari Challenge Team experience. And that's just the beginning. Some think our Technicians are a bit too obsessed with Ferraris. We feel you can never be obsessed enough.


Michael Roth | Ferrari Service Writer


When he was two years old, Mike's parents took him to see the Detroit Grand Prix. Little did they know this experience would be the beginning of a lifelong passion for Ferrari. Today, Mike serves as our Ferrari Service Consultant where he is able to live out his childhood dream of working with one of Italy's most iconic automobile brands.

- Awarded 2015 Top Performers for CSI in the Nation.
- Awarded 2015 Top Performers for Mystery Shopper for Ferrari of North America. 

Thomas McKellar | Ferrari Technical Director & Master Technician


If you follow Ferrari closely, you may have heard about the time Thomas won the U.S. Ferrari challenge and received the prestigious honor of being invited to the Ferrari factory in Italy to compete. Or how he was one of the first nine awarded the title of Ferrari Master Technician in 2007. But most of his clients just know Thomas as the trustworthy man who seems to know exactly what your Ferrari needs to run as perfectly as it did the day it rolled off the factory floor sometimes even better.

Thomas started working on Ferraris in 1989, fresh out of tech school in 88 and then married shortly thereafter. He received factory training while working at Monterey Ferrari and was fortunate to be at the first U.S. 345 challenge race at Willow Springs. Those early days of challenge racing was pretty sparse compared to what it has grown into now the longest running factory sponsored spec racing series in the U.S. Later, Thomas was the first technician to be hired by the factory at Ferraris first factory store in Mill Valley, CA, Ferrari of San Francisco. While there, he had the privilege to drive and do minor work on the 125S replica the factory built and displayed along with of the newly revealed 348 spider. Though the majority of his work was on most all the 333SPs being imported and delivered to teams, he was able to put his hands on several early road cars; 166mm, 212 inter, many early and late 250s including a one-off 250 GTO/lusso. As well, Thomas worked on a few early comp cars; 250comp GT, 250 LM, and a couple of 512M s along with providing historic racing track support for a 512M and a Maserati 450S in the Ferrari historic challenge series. To complement this experience, Thomas has lots of hands-on experience with ex Prost, Alesi, Capelli, Berger, and Schumacher Formula 1 cars including factory training from Corse Clienti on starting, handling and servicing customer owned F1 cars. He has worked with Challenge team racing from 348, 355, and the beginning of 360 and had the privilege of working alongside of Phil Hill with his son Derik Hill and Clay Regazzoni to help develop Carol Hollfelders' 355 F1 challenge car. Since joining Ferrari of Atlanta in 2001, he has worked on classic Ferraris, doing mostly all of the Classiche certifications when they come in including a Comp 512M (ex Pam racer), a 275 GTB/4 and several F40s. Considering nearly all Classiche certification cars are worth over $1m, Thomas truly feels honored to work with these Italian treasures.

- Awarded 2015 Finalist for Ferrari Technician of the World.
- Awarded 2015 Top Technician of the Year for Ferrari of The Americas.

Training and Certifications: 

Ferrari North America Certified Master Technician 2007
A/C Certified Technician 1992
Ferrari Challenge Team experience
Represented the U.S. in Ferrari world technician competition in Maranello Italy
ASE Certified Master Technician/L1
1986-1988 Universal Technical Institute
1988-1992 Monterey Ferrari-Technician
1992-2000 Ferrari of San Francisco-Technical Director
2000-2001 Ferrari of Los Gatos-Technician
2001 Hired at Ferrari of Atlanta


Richard Winfrey Ferrari Master Technician

With a career spanning back to the early 80s, there is little Richard has not seen. And considering Ferrari of Atlanta is the Southeast's premier choice for service and maintenance, that experience comes in quite handy. His love of Ferraris has taken him across the nation, and even the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy. While he loves to learn about new models, his true passion is working with the rare, older models including a 1952 Ferrari 166 and his favorite, the 1967 P3/4. In fact, Richard even reached a career milestone when he serviced a 330 P3/4. Aside from being an accomplished Ferrari Technician, Richard did quite a bit of Ferrari driving instruction while at Ferrari of La Mesa. Ask Richard what his favorite thing about Ferrari is and you'll get a simple, yet passionate answer, For me, there is nothing like experiencing the thrill these cars bring in their element the race track.
Training and Certifications: 
Ferrari North America Certified Master Technician 2007
ASE Certified Master Technician/L1
A/C Certified Technician 1992
Ferrari dealer employed since 1983
Ferrari Challenge Team experience
1970-1976 Independent VW and Porsche shop
1976-1983 RB German Auto Porsche Repair
1983-1994 Cornes Motors Ferrari and Rolls Royce Repair
1994-2001 Symbolic Motors Restoration Shop
2001 Hired at Ferrari of Atlanta 



Ray Gilcher | Master Ferrari Technician

In his nine years at Ferrari of Atlanta, Ray has worked on models both new and old, including a 1969 365 GT 2+2. To complement his experience, Ray has completed "out of production" model training at Ferrari of North America for vehicles including the 308 to 360, the 288 GTO, F40, F5O and Enzo. If you ask Ray why he enjoys working on older model Ferraris, he'll say it's because of their "character, ingenuity and simplicity."
Training and Certifications: 
Maserati New technician Introduction 2006
Maserati North America Registered Technician 2007
Maserati Basic Electrical 2007
A/C Certified technician 2001
1994-1996 Gwinnett Technical School
1995-1996 Carriage Nissan-Technician
1996-2006 RBM of Atlanta-Certified Mercedes Benz Technician
2006 Hired at Maserati of Atlanta



Ryan Field Ferrari Technician

As a child, Ryan spent countless hours watching races with his father. A big fan of the Ferrari 458 Speciale and the F40, he always dreamed hed be able to get close to one of these dream cars some day. And as he grew older, he realized his passion for cars could lead to a very fulfilling career. After receiving extensive training with Bosch Engine Management Systems, he soon recognized his skills would translate very well to Ferrari. Today, Ryan is living his dream as the newest member of the Ferrari of Atlanta family. When asked what his favorite part of this job is, Ryan will answer with no hesitation, "I enjoy the opportunity to maintain cars that increase in value each year and challenging myself to make my work perfect."
Training and Certifications: 
Certification for all Audi models
Accredited Audi Advanced Diagnostic Technician
Hunter Alignment Trained
1999 Gwinnett Technical College: Associates in Applied Technology
1996-1999 Regal Nissan: Certified Nissan Technician
1999-2001 Audi of North Atlanta: Lead Audi Technician
2001-2002 Nalley Audi: Shop Foreman/Team Trainer
2002-2015 Jim Ellis Audi: Lead Technician/Trainer/Audi Master Guild Technician
2015 Hired at Ferrari of Atlanta




Maserati Technicians

Each and every one of our Maserati Technicians brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Service Team. This experience, combined with a true passion for Italian heritage, sets them apart from all the others. From their overall training with Maserati North America to the various certifications acquired on specific Maserati models, it's no surprise that people from all over the Southeast trust our expert technicians with their Maseratis, regardless of where they were purchased.

Steve Robinson | Master Maserati Technician

For the past 14 years, Steve has called Maserati of Atlanta home. But his love for precision Italian engineering spans back to his childhood when he was glued to the television watching Formula One races. This passion gave him an appetite for all things automotive and mechanical, eventually leading him into the aviation and automotive industries. He prides himself on providing impeccable customer service always striving to exceed his customer's expectations. Ask Steve about his favorite Maserati experience and you'll get a knowing smile and a simple story that speaks volumes, "Driving the Maserati Trofeo around Road Atlanta... hard!"

Training and Certifications: 

Maserati Spider Introduction 2002
Maserati Quattroporte Introduction 2004
Maserati Basic Electrical 2005
Maserati Diagnosi Computer 2009
Maserati Gran Turismo S 2009
Maserati Gran Turismo Convertible 2010
Maserati Advanced Electrical 2010
Maserati Advanced Electrical 2 2010
Maserati North America Certified Technician 2010
ASE Certified Technician
1977-1980 Ed Voyles Oldsmobile-Technician
1980-1982 Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
1982-1988 Aviation Industry
1988-1990 John Thornton Chevrolet-Technician
1990-1993 John Thornton Jeep-Service Manager
1993-2001 Far East Motor Works
2001 Hired at Maserati of Atlanta


Malcom Barnett | Maserati Service Technician

Malcolm's passion for cars is one deeply rooted in his DNA, passed down from his father's love of his 1951 Bentley Mk VI. Naturally, this hobby became his career where he found himself restoring, repairing and servicing post-war Rolls-Royce and Bentley motorcars. In 2003, Malcolm joined the Maserati of Atlanta family and hasn't looked back especially after getting behind the wheel of the Maserati MC12 for the first time. He truly loves his job and treats every car he touches as if it was his own, earning him the respect and trust of his customers. When customers ask for his advice regarding their Maseratis, they are likely to hear the same thing, "Always service your Maserati at regular intervals. Not only does it help the resale, but it also instills the confidence that the car will always perform as designed."

Training and Certifications:  
Maserati North America Registered Technician 2007
Maserati Quattroporte Automatic Certified 2007
Maserati Gran Turismo Convertible 2010
Maserati North America Certified Master Technician 2010
ASE Certified Master Technician/L1
A/C Certified Technician 1995
North Metro Technical School 1989-1991
1991-1997 Roy Blanchard Ltd.-Rolls Royce/Bentley Technician
1997-2002 Royal Motor Cars of Atlanta-Technician/Service Manager
2003 Hired at Maserati of Atlanta


Zach Kerr | Maserati Service Technician

Zach found his interest in cars a very young age. He spent his youth working with his dad on classic American cars and that led him to become a technician with hopes of being our next Maserati Maser Tech. Zachs favorite Maserati is the MC12 for its passion for design and the elegant looks.

The new guy!
Former Audi tech (Dec 15 Feb 17)


Jonathan Vaughan | Maserati Service Advisor

Favorite Maserati: 2004 Maserati MC12
  • Favorite Maserati: 2004 Maserati MC12
  • Started working with vehicles when he was 15 years old. 
  • Started out working at a body shop as an apprentice.
  • Went to UTI and graduate Nascar Engine Performance. 
  • Started work for Saturn 2007 as a technician and then on to the parts division.
  • Started working for Audi 2012 as a technician and moved onto writing service.
  • Top CPO advisor for Audi.
  • UTI Graduate
Mario Heath || Ferrari Maserati of Atlanta Detail Manager
  • Favorite Ferrari/Maserati: Ferrari FF loves the Ferrari FF as it has all wheel drive and is one of the most comfortable Ferraris he has driven. 
  • Started detailing vehicles in 2000 at a local dealer and the love of making cars look great took off from there. 
  • Graduated from Esoteric Auto Detailing LLC in 2015 and qualified in all paint corrections and coatings. 
  • Mario is the smiling face of our detail department and is always here to help out. 

Evan Carey || Ferrari Maserati of Atlanta Detailer
Evans passion for beautiful cars was passed down from his father. That passion is one of the reasons he treats every car he works on as if it was his own. Evan has been detailing cars since 2006 before moving into automotive Operations Management in 2012 and regional automotive reconditioning Management in 2015, so he knows how to treat cars inside and out. For Evan, the best part of the job is standing back and admiring the finished product.